It's OK to not be okay..

All too often were told to be strong and have courage. And while those things are essential to pushing through difficult situations; lack of doesn't discredit you. We all have up and downs. 

Life is hard. & Life is heavy, sometimes we just need to put it down without apologizing for it. 

See, I've always been the "strong friend". I hear about it all the time. Truth is, I break, often.. but often alone when I do. And that isn't the healthiest way to cope. Support groups and therapy may be a solution as it seems to be working for me. I struggle with communicating emotion and instead withdraw. When life is heavy, I buckle down and get stronger "or so it seems to the outside". I have trust issues and prefer keeping distance between myself and others.

Im saying these things because in order to heal we have to accept it exist first. I am a work in progress, each and every day. I find journaling and meditation a great way of resetting my intentions. I break life goals down in as little as "by the day" to as large as 5/10 years goals, and write about it. Writing helps to shift my focus on the important tasks and feelings and dismiss the uncontrollable. 

Moments of gratitude work also. In a day of chaos, pause and express gratitude to the things serving you that you're simple thankful for. Theres good all around us.