Self Care 11/11

The Best Card is Self Care.

How can you serve if you're depleted? You're only as good to them as you are to yourself. Today 11:11; I used this day to align with what's meant for me. I don't want to have to prepare for things I pray for but rather stay ready.

Release all negativity, and holds you're clinging to. Once you do so; the weight will be lifted and there's room for things deserving of your presence.

Speak kind to yourself and others. There is power in our words. Be clear and concise. Be true!

Going through it, allow yourself time to feel. And then release and accept it as is.

Sometimes we are in our own way.. let's shift that narrative.


Do you journal? Forecast? 
are you familiar with SAVERS? 

> Silence. Affirmations. Visualize. Exercise. Read & Scribe.