About Us

WiseHeart & Sage believe that Quality is never an accident.

Because we’re still unfolding, come and grow with us. At WiseHeart & Sage we believe in creating our own style, one piece at a time. We found that more often than not, boutiques oftentimes seem "region specific". We were called to challenge that & bring " a little bit of everything, from everywhere, for everyone". 

We realize time is precious and truly appreciate that you decided to share some of that time here with us and support our small business and when you do, you're supporting a dream.

Being distinct with our fashions help us wake up in the morning. I can’t wait to see what we pair together today.

Your smiles inspire our new picks, be sure to leave us feedback and/or stay connected with us. @wiseheartandsage #wiseheartandsage

Be Bold.. Be Distinct.